How to register a domain for first time users

Create a personalized domain name with Kademi for a first time user.

1. How to create a domain


  • Once you have logged into your kademi account
  • On the left side of the screen, on the dashboard look for a button called
    website manager, click and select domains
  • Click on the button - register a new domain to start the process


2. Enter in credentials for your domain name

  • Have your domain name ready, type the name in
  • Select your TLD extension for your website name
  • Click on the check button to proceed to the next setup screen

3. Is your domain available

  • Check the availability of your domain name
  • Double check that the servers have refreshed correctly and state that the domain name is available or not available
  • Kademi has a suggestions page to help you if your domain name has become occupied - you can see what other domains are available
  • click on buy domain to proceed to the next menu

4. Fill in the contact form and select the correct settings

  • The 1st option is to select weather your registrant, administrative and technical contacts are all the same 
  • Fill in all the details to complete your application
  • Select your privacy option you require

5. Review your contact details and complete your purchase

  • Double check all your details that you have filled in
  • Please read and select the check box, confirm you accept kademi’s terms and condition to finalize the registration
  • Once you are happy with all your details, please select the complete button and kademi will get in touch with you to finalize the payment method

1.Delegating a domain

Adding the domain name to your website and how to find your old domain name.


2. Adding kademi's name server details to your old domain server

Where to find your name server information adding kademi's name server information to your old domain server


1. How to find your current / previous domain name

  • You need to access your current / previous domain server control panel
  • Find a heading called domain and copy the domain name as per the example on the image
  • If you cant find the domain name, please ask your host to assist you.

2. Setup of your domain

  • Log into your Kademi account
  • Go to the website manager
  • Click on websites
  • Find your website (eg - milton-redirect)
  • click on the settings gear to access the webistes domain settings

3. Adding current /previous domain name to kademi's platform

  • Paste the old domain name into the domain name illustrated on the image (1)
  • Place your old website address into the redirect section
  • Once everything has been entered, click on the refresh status button
  • Save the information so it can load into kademi

4. Check that the information has been loaded correctly

  • Go to website manger tab on the dashboard and select domains
  • Check that your domain name has been loaded as per the image on the right
  • Check that you have more then 2 records - you should have at least 6 - 10 records, if there are 2 records or less - it is not correct
  • Click on the create hosted zone button so we can find the (NS) name servers and proceed to the next step

5. Nameservers (NS)

  • Kademi automatically creates your nameservers
  • Keep this window open so you can copy and paste the addresses over to your current / previous domain host
  • This basically allows kademi and your current / previous host to link to one another

6. How to add nameserver to your current / previous host

  • Look for the edit button for nameservers on you control panel 

7. Adding nameserver to your current / previous host

  • If there are any old nameservers on the hostname directories, please delete them or copy and paste them to a notepad document for safe keeping
  • Go to the window where you will find kademi's (NS) nameservers
  • Copy and paste all of kademi's nameservers one at a time to the empty directories on your current / previous domain control panel as per the image on the right
  • Click on review changes or save and check if there are any errors
  • Save and you have completed the delegating of your domain


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